Needle Tatting

Psychedelic shopping bag in needle tatting
Needle tatting allows you to make traditional pieces with the look of shuttle tatting (although I have been told it has a looser texture). It is also far easier to undo your mistakes than when tatting by shuttle. All I know is that it produces traditional handkerchief edgings/ doilies etc. of a quality which is appreciated by the recipient.
With Needle Tatting you don’t need to restrict your self to traditional tatting patterns. Needle Tatting also enables you to create fanciful lace structures using all those fancy wools, threads beads now available.
What you need
Tatting needles come in a variety of sizes. The ‘Knot’ or double stitch is made on the needle with the ‘ball’ thread. The ‘needle’ thread is passed through the stitches to make the chain or ring. The needle is chosen to match the thread. When you buy the finer needles it will say what crochet cottons they are designed for. What excites me are the needles that take yarn as these give you numerous creative possibilities. I have included instructions on How to Tat with a Needle and Further Needle Tatting tips and hints.