Contemporary Lace
What I love about lace is the dialogue between the threads and the wider environment, the spaces or gaps between the threads.
Contemporary lace techniques continue centuries old lace traditions. Contemporary lace practice is now treated as a classic lace technique in itself.

Some contemporary lace grounds have an affinity with Freehand Lace techniques. Pins are placed down the two edges of the lace whilst the contemporary ground is unsupported in between. You can also use classic point ground or 'tulle' lace techniques such as Tønder Lace. You could classify this as 'Irregular Tulle' It is helpful have a thorough knowledge of basic lace techniques such as Freehand, Tønder, Bedfordshire and Torchon in order to then experiment. It has been said that you can't through the rule book out unless you understand fully the rules in the first place!

I like Contemporary Lace grounds is that you make up the rules. You can thread beads onto our bobbins and add another texture to make exquisite scarves, fans, candle decorations.......Contemporary Lace can be made using a wide variety of fibre techniques: Bobbin, Knitting, Crochet, Needle lace, including Needle Tatting, and Tambour work are some of the techniques that can be used to create contemporary lace.
Lace is not only the preserve of women men also make lace.