Tape lace with a torchon lace border

Bänderspitze or Tape Lace is one of the oldest forms of bobbin lace. Using a small number of bobbins threads a woven together to create ‘tapes’ or ‘bands’ which are connected together.

In Italy the most recognisable form is Milanese Lace.

In the 19th / early 20th Century there was a revival and promotion of this technique to encourage wholesome paid employment for women. Lace schools were established for the education of women in lace making. These were under the patronage of Local Business Entrepreneurs. In the Austro Hungarian Empire Imperial lace schools were established.

The main lace traditions using tape lace techniques are:

Austria Spitze

Croatia: Lepoglava

Germany: Schneeberger (Erzgebirge area)

Italy: Milanese

Slovenia: Idrija