Further tips and hints

Once you have mastered the basic stitch, possibly you have experimented with different yarns etc then its time to further expand the creative possibilities with a Josephine knot, beads and split rings. Split rings enable you to create a series of interlinking rings.

With a Josephine knot you make a series of knots just using the first half of the stitch.


Embellishing with  beads – There is nothing better than adding some bling to your lace!

There a four ways with which to incorporate beads. With methods 2 and 3 you need to check that the bead can be threaded onto the needle/ hook before embarking on the project.

  1. Pre thread beads onto the ‘ball thread and slip them up the thread when wanted.
  2. Using a crochet hook place the bead on the hook pull the picot loop through then secure when you join the chain/ring into the picot.
  3. Thread the bead onto the tatting needle when required and the bead will be secured when you pull the thread through when you complete the chain/ ring
IMG_4971 2.jpg
  1. Split rings: begin as usual then you the turn the needle around and remove the thread form the eyelet and make another set of knots on the other end of the needle. Re thread the needle pull the thread through and voila a split ring. Split Rings You can then make a series of rings. This technique allows you to encapsulate large beads to make create bold jewelry pieces.

IMG_3691.jpgThe creative possibilities are endless you can make a shopping bag using raffia, necklaces, bracelets, shawls…..– all I suggest is have a go, experiment most importantly have fun!!!!!

Oh yes …….Fancy threads – If you are using a fancy thread that could catch when you are pulling it through to make the ring use a smooth thread/ yarn as the pull through yarn.  Tie the fancy thread and the smooth thread together hold the knot in your hand as if it was some already made tatting and begin using the fancy thread as the ‘ball thread’ to make the loops. It also means the fancy thread doesn’t run out so quickly!