My mother showed me how to knit and crochet when I was a child. In my twenties I concentrated on bobbin lace and hand whole cloth quilting. It was when I was experimenting and developing my contemporary lace practice using a variety of non bobbin lace techniques that I reacquainted myself with knitting and crochet in an effort to expand my ‘contemporary lace vocabulary’.

It is really only recently that I truly rediscovered knitting and crochet. Until my mother passed away there was an unwritten rule that I made bobbin lace, quilted and wove tapestries whereas my mother was the knitter, crocheter and embroiderer.

I was darning a pair of socks my mother knitted had knitted my father and thought I really should continue her tradition of knitting socks. Unlike my mother I knit in the continental way.

The method of holding the thread/ yarn for crochet in your left hand meant that `I found knitting in the ‘continental’ style more natural. When learning any craft technique it is useful to experiment with different methods of holding the yarns/ needles etc and find what bests suits you.

The internet especially YouTube is a great way to pick up hints and tricks on how to execute a particular technique. Recently I successfully knitted my first pair of socks………

First pair of knitted socks