Why am I doing this?… Or The Ego has landed…

Well its day two of my plan to attempt to post a current blog. The pressure is on to keep up the momentum.

I am composing this post at 6am as rather than surf Instagram mindlessly until I get up and on with my day I decided I could be creative and write an entry.

Why blog?

Why am I doing this?

Is it for my mental health? It is said that it is helpful in mental health terms to journal/ write down your thoughts…..

Is it purely my ego wanting to express itself…… NOBODY IS LISTENING TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE.


ME ME ME……..

Am I typically jumping onto a trend once it has passed. A late adopter. The world isn’t interested in written blogs anymore its all about podcasts these days.

If you use social media to keep up to date with current trends in craft its amazing the rise of YouTube as a major platform for craft. With the USA being the biggest adopter/ promoter of social media there influence on the language of craft is fascinating.

Knitters/ Crocheters all now talk about WIPs (Works In Progress), FOs (Finished Objects) Frogging (taking back back your knitting / crochet back either to a previous stage or to the beginning). The accessories market is phenomenal. From stitch markers to project bags.

I realise that I have gone off on bit of a tangent here but I can’t deny that some, any, if not all of the above reasons are influencing my motivation to begin blogging.

I know from my experience that if you are beginning a new craft its is hard to find information on what tools to use ~ do you really need all that equipment ~ what thread yarn should I use…………?

As I use and experiment I aim to put my discoveries on this blog to hopefully inspire and help people like me who want to simply have fun making.